Technique is everything and understanding the physical ‘logistics’ behind your punch can make you box faster, stronger and with more power. Get behind your jab, cross, upper cuts and hooks by learning to perfect your punches with our resident amateur and professional boxer’s coach, Ben O’Connor – who will have you packing more power in your punch. This is not a high intensity fitness class but a highly technical class.


Here is where strength meets conditioning, weights meet explosive and circuit training meets boxing. This 60-minute session of circuit training is specifically made to smash all circuits. Individuals are put through their paces with a mix of kettlebell swings, sandbag squats, slam ball tosses, sprints and dog sled races to challenge their core strength, increase their power and build functional muscles for lean, mean fighting physiques. Perfect for those looking to be strong but not bulky = a boxer’s body.


This class is where anyone can learn boxing techniques. This 60-minute session focuses on all the areas boxers must learn to master in the ring through mitts, drills and ring work; everyone will learn to protect themselves, exert power, find precision and perfect movement. Individuals will grasp the importance of shadow boxing, correct footwork and form as well as develop speed and ring competence.


This high-intensity class is where bag work meets burpees. Made to implement bag combinations, endurance drills and stamina training for good conditioning - it includes a variation of squats and push-ups to pumped up beats. Individuals will benefit from this class by reaching new heights of endurance, expression and explosive fitness; catering to the biggest cardio junkie as well as a conditioning session, it’s sure to make the fittest ‘warrior’ sweat

Fine tune your combination skills in this high tech, high intensity boxing-focussed class. It is 30 minutes of non-stop combination work on pads, bags and through shadow boxing. Here is where repetition is key, muscle memory meets adapting under pressure. It is six to eight rounds without any breaks, to push your mind, body and memory to it’s limit by learning new combinations and perfecting them before the bell rings! Conquer your fatigue, increase your speed, maximise your muscle memory and sweat it out in this semi-private class with our UK Pro Waleed Dynamite Din – due to limited spaces, you must book your spot in ADVANCE! 35 minutes



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