Waleed started boxing when he was 16 and had his first fight that same year. Hailing from the infamous Sheffield, Waleed has three national titles including Senior ABA Crown, 35 amateur fights and 11 professional bouts. Inspired by the legend that is Muhammad Ali, Waleed is a detailed coach with a focus on good technique, superior footwork and well-rounded training methods. He grew up in a bare-minimum boxing gym where all that mattered was #RealBoxingOnly not fancy equipment, just training for excellence. You will find him inspiring, tough and as fast as lightning – train with ‘Dynamite’ Din if want to blow your fitness goals out of the water this year.


Specialties: Kids training, boxing technique, footwork, conditioning

Waleed 'Dynamite' Din

Professional Boxer - UK

Ben O'Connor

Professional Boxing Coach - UK 

Ben is Rohan’s coach and has been working with all levels of boxers. He is qualified by The Hatton Academy, an accredited tutorial programme by the British Boxing Board of Control and has nearly a decade of coaching experience from boxing beginners all the way up to professional boxers. Ben has been in Dubai four years and is one of the few trainers that is a qualified tutor from the Amateur Boxing Association (Great Britain). He is known for his ability to increase one’s speed on the mitts, improve ring movement and punching power. Train with Ben if you want to sharpen your boxing skills, lose weight through rigorous training or prepare for your upcoming professional and/or amateur fight.

Specialties: Kids training, fighters, padwork, conditioning

Rohan Date

Professional Boxer - Ireland 

Rohan started boxing when he was about eight years old and has had over 200 amateur fights from the age of 11. Born and bred in Ireland, Rohan has a reputation for his intense training regime, unrivalled energy and is currently in camp for his 10th professional fight (undefeated) set to take place in York Hall London on June 22nd. With sporting and coaching qualifications from The Hatton Academy and Irish Boxing Board, Rohan is not only passionate about boxing but also about improving people’s lives through fitness. Train with Rohan if you are looking for weight loss, transformations and fine-tuning your boxing basics.


Specialties: Transformations, weight loss, boxing basics, general fitness

Stefan 'Shotgun' Sanderson

Professional Boxer - Scotland 

Stefan hails from the city of Glasgow, he started boxing when he was 12 years old and had his first around the same age. With 14 amateur fights and a product of Dennistoun McNair gym, this Southpaw  has three professional fights with a TKO result in his second bout against former Scottish champion Craig Kelly. He recently was signed with MTK Global and is preparing for his fourth fight in April under the watchful eye of Joe Ackary. Stefan brings with him a straight forward approach to training and is not one to take any excuses. Train with Stefan if you are looking for someone to push you to your limit, sharpen your boxing skills and make you work for it. He believes that you can reach your fitness levels, sweat while doing it but also look a challenge dead in the eye and like a true Glaswegian, face it with sarcasm and a laugh.

Specialties: boxing skills, general fitness, weight loss, southpaw


Boxing Coach - Morocco

Meet Coach Jalal from Morocco. Jalal speaks Arabic, English and French. He graduated from Lahaye University with a degree in Physical Education and has a level 3 qualification. He also founded the Matadors team that was runner up in the UAE National Youth Boxing Championship.

Jalal has a natural gift for teaching children and youth boxing, and he currently teaches our Juniors boxing classes daily as well as technique for beginners every evening and on Saturday. He is tough, a stickler for getting your basics right but will always make you laugh with a joke in between the ‘blood, sweat and tears’.


Specialities: Boxing basics, fitness, kids boxing and teens boxing


Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor and Boxing Coach - Denmark 

Hailing all the way from Denmark, our Scandinavian trainer Louise is a certified Physical Educator, Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor since 2012. She’s been boxing for years and has always been passionate about the sport, almost as much as she is passionate about changing people’s lives through improved fitness, healthier living and of course, boxing. Although she has been teaching boxing alongside her fitness classes, personal training and group classes – her recent move to amateur fighter last year has added even more levels to her love and knowledge of the sport. She teaches our Ladies//Only classes and one of our Box//Fit classes every week. Her focus is on helping people every day to get into better shape, increase their fitness level and improve their lifestyle for the better. Train with Louise and she will give you that extra push to reach your fitness goals. 


Specialities: Ladies Only, body toning, increased strength and endurance, weight loss, increased muscle mass, dietary advice, improved fitness/conditioning, pre/post-natal training

Ryan has 16 professional fights with 82 rounds under his belt, and an impressive 43% knock out rate so early on in his professional career – he has already fought Michael McKinson for the WBC International Silver Welterweight title, and just last year he had three straight wins by TKO, two being for the Midlands Area Super Welterweight title. Ryan joined us from our partner gym, the iconic Eastside Boxing gym in Birmingham where he has been training out of for six years – besides their significant professional stable; they have also produced 22 National champions in only 11 years so his boxing pedigree is of the highest level. Train with Ryan if you want to understand old-school spit bucket boxing with good boxing basics, healthy endurance and your traditional amateur style. His unique style of boxing based on perfecting the sweet science, taking no short cuts and having incredible ring IQ as well as stamina will push you to your limits and challenge you. You will find him a tough yet understanding coach, so if you want to be a better boxer, train with Ruthless – he takes no prisoners and only produces champs!

Specialities: Boxing basics, boxing technique, boxing conditioning.

‘Ruthless’ Ryan Kelly

Professional Boxer – UK


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